Google Project Management Certified

One more milestone in a life project. I recommend this one for anyone who just love working with projects and people! Six courses on Coursera, developed by Google / Google Career Certificates, that include hands-on practice-based assessments, will equip you with essential project management skills.

Tip 10: Say No!

Tip 10: Say No! It is much easier said than done, but once you get used to saying No for any task outside your scope or unplanned activity, you will see how much you will be more productive and your day will be organized. Saying Yes and trying to please everyone will put you on... Continue Reading →

Tip 8: Organize your Workspace

Tip #8: #Organize your #Workspace If you have a desk at your work, or your laptop desktop is your desk, there is a significant benefit of keeping your things in #order. Not only you can easily find what you need, but there is essential psychological benefits of organizing your workspace. A clean and organized desktop... Continue Reading →

Tip 7: Write it Down!

Tip #7: Write it Down How many times we forgot to do a #task, even if it was #important and we thought that it was unforgettable? Always #write down your ideas and tasks. Write it on a pocket notebook (very effective), or your phone, or use a task-management software. When you write down you will... Continue Reading →

Tip 6: One-Time Only

Last time I shed light on the importance of #scheduling specific time slots each day to go over received #emails. A very important #tip to be added when reading emails is the One-Time Only #read policy. If you read an email that needs a reply, don't #postpone replying to it. You will be wasting time... Continue Reading →

Tip 3: Control Your Phones!

Tip 3: #Control Your #Phones! Many of us say: "I will just keep my phone next to me, but I won't touch it". Minutes later, we are either checking a #notification we've received, or "feel" that we need a break so we start checking our social media, even if we don't have any notification! And... Continue Reading →

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